Beyond Reentry
(The Temple)

The participants in this class explore their inner world, journeying through their consciousness into a world of physics, metaphysics, and spirituality. They will embark on an adventure they’ve never taken before! We’ll make stops along the way to places rarely visited on a conscious level.

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When a loved one dies, a door opens between this world and the next, the world where our loved one has gone, but in the weeks and months following their death, we’re too emotionally distraught to experience that world.

And after, when we reclaim our lives, we doubt that world exists.

Even if we’re religious, I believe there’s doubt.

We want to believe and have faith in that world—both to know that our loved ones are okay, and that we, too, will be okay after we die—but our logical brain fights that faith. It fights it to the end, even if we don’t admit to that fight.

I believe that after Life Reentry® there comes a time when we are seeking to find out the answers to bigger questions and explore the universe in ways that were never possible before their loss.

I created this Temple Journey because my husband, whom I loved deeply, died.

In this world, he was gone forever, existing only in photos, home videos, and our memories—but I couldn’t accept that he no longer existed at all.

He had to be somewhere in the universe.

What if, after his three-year battle with colon cancer, he was at peace in another world, one I could not see?

I needed to know that. I needed to know he was okay.

So I became a reporter of the invisible world.

A writer of the unwritten worlds.

A creator of untold places.

A finder of words required to make these worlds real for both me and you.

“Where did you go?” was the first question I asked him, wherever he was, after I left the hospital, walked into what had been our bedroom, and closed the door behind me.

In my mind, I asked this question thousands of times. And even when I reentered and rebuilt my life that one question persisted: Where did you go? By going on this journey, I found him, and in the process, I found my true self, my cosmic being.

The Temple Experience

You will go on a journey that you have never been before.

You will be asked to shut down this world and open another. You will be given words that will make you want to discover if these words stand behind truth.

This class is a door. A door that cannot be seen without this class.

A door that others cannot see for you.

A door you have been told does not exist. And now all of a sudden someone you have never met not only will tell you to open a door you cannot see but ask you to walk in and find the person you loved and lost.

You will be asked to believe in things that are difficult to believe in. This class is about to take you on a journey to a world that I have named the Temple.

Disclaimer:  Some course participants may experience high intensity dreams.


“This class opens the door and sets us free from learned behavior. It connects us to a reality that is as wide and limitless as everything that surrounds us – not just what we readily perceive to be true. It teaches us to tap into a source of knowledge from where we actively and purposefully create our lives. I consider myself an insightful and openminded person but I never realized how much I have been trapped by limiting believes – mostly about myself… – And then the experience of vastness, light, connectivity, the endless possibilities. It is all so big.”

Claudia Nehrkorn

“This class was the most amazing journey to help liberate us from preconceived notions about consciousness and our ability to strive. We discovered that abundance is ours, that our potential is within our reach. Life has a new meaning for me after this course. I feel liberated and my love and connection with others have expanded to the limits of the infinity. My Spirituality has taken over and will engage me in spaces that I never knew existed before. I am very happy that I said YES to Beyond Reentry.”

Flavia Horth

“I can look back now, over the last six weeks, and see the very clear path that you took us on. If you had told us in the beginning what we were going to see and learn, I don’t know if I could have imagined it. This is a very clear step by step process to get to the point where you can open your mind and believe. Truly astounding experience that leaves you feeling so connected to everyone and the Universe!! <3

Laura Robinson Dufault

“This class has moved me to a different level. I have visited with my loved one and feel more peace with this now. I have expanded my sense of future and I am no longer fearful. There is more love and acceptance. My life has grown and I feel more connected.”

Sarah Taylor

“I learned and am learning so much about myself by doing this course. I have had to work hard but it has been enjoyable hard work. I have been taken so far out of my comfort zone yet it feels comfortable. My dreams have been awakened and I am dreaming vividly again. I take notice of things, I am much more aware of the connections between us all in this group and I don’t even have to look too far before I see or hear something that someone else has visualized. I now have a set of ‘skills’ I never ever dreamed I would have.”

Chrissy Lees

“What I gained in Beyond Reentry is almost beyond description. Christina taught me a whole new set of skills which in turn gave me something I’ve never had before, something I never expected to have – self-confidence. The person I am today is not the same person I was six weeks ago; I’m a better mother, daughter, friend, and student because I’m not walking around second guessing everything I do. I feel like I’m finally the person that my husband saw when he looked at me, that I’m finally the person I was always meant to be. And I am finally happy again.”

Sonja Harris

“This course made me look deeply inside of myself on so many levels. It brought out a new self confidence within me that I had never known at any level. I thought I had made so much progress after Life Starters and I did. However, BR brought about an integral change in me that has provided a clarity for which I am most grateful. There is a peace I’ve come to know through this class that is beyond all expectations. Christina is an incredible teacher as she guides you through the tenets of Beyond Reentry. If you have the opportunity to take this class, do it. I have no doubt you will be glad you did!”

Rita Wetzell Haldeman

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