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Life Reentry® Practitioners

These professionals have been trained on the Life Reentry® Model and apply its methodologies in their personal practice.  You are welcome to contact them directly for additional information.

Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis is a highly skilled learning and development professional, with core competencies in instructional design and facilitation. Nancy’s certification as a Master Trainer leads itself to high-energy presentations that encourage interaction among participants, creating a very collaborative and effective learning environment. She has extensive experience as a Process Manager for Practical Process Improvement; a continuous improvement process similar to Six Sigma based tools.

Nancy is also a certified Life Reentry® Practitioner. Nancy strives to help others live in the moment, working every day to overcome the obstacles of the past. After the loss of her husband of 25 years, Nancy has embodied the principles of Life Reentry®, making her passionate in her work.

Nancy currently lives in Tennessee, where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration; Human Resources Management from the University of Memphis. A loving mother to two children, Nancy is finding joy in every aspect of her life, and strives to help others do the same.

Carole Marie Downing

Carole Marie Downing is a heart-centered practitioner who is passionate about supporting others and inspiring conversations for embracing life after loss.

Carole’s holds a Nursing Doctorate from the University of Colorado and as a nurse she provided care in the areas of hospice, integrative medicine, and nursing education. She transitioned to coaching after receiving a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with a post-graduate certificate in Consciousness, Health and Healing. She currently works exclusively in Life Reentry® and specializes in supporting parents who have lost a spouse or partner, and also those who have experienced a life changing illness or injury. She uses both her professional background and personal experience from the death of her husband to gently support clients to thrive again after loss.

Carole lives in Portland, Oregon with her son and their dog, Alta. In addition to coaching, she loves singing, spending time in nature, and finding the extraordinary moments in everyday life.

Brian Hartzman

Brian is a certified Life Reentry® Practitioner through the Life Reentry® Institute. Following the loss of his wife, Brian grew tired of feeling stuck and began investigating the deeper meanings associated with grief and the lessons to be learned. He has been exploring how grief, trauma, and an unexpected event impact people in our modern world and now supports others who have also experienced loss.

He founded and leads a widowers’ group, so men can commune and socialize with others who “get it.” His search ultimately led him to a new passion and profession – he offers counseling and coaching services for men and women seeking a new footing in life following a life altering change or loss.

“One grief does not describe another. I have experienced a number of changes in my life – big and small – marriage, fatherhood, divorce, the loss of my new wife following cancer, and leaving my established career after 20 years. As I’ve come to understand loss and change, through my experiences and those of others, I have found that the grief we feel is unique unto ourselves. It is my honor to guide others through their changes and into a fulfilling life.”

Brian resides in Seattle, Washington and works with clients over the phone, video, and in-person.

Marni Henderson

Marni is a Life Reentry® Practitioner.  She is also a Clinical Health Educator and Health Coach.  Marni is honored to work one on one, in small groups, and facilitate Life Reentry® retreats filled with adventure that will rejuvenate, replenish and re-ignite!  As tender as she is fierce, with laughter and tears, Marni gathers all her skills to support the whole person- mind, body, spirit- through Life Reentry®.

Having lost her husband to cancer in 2013, she found herself brokenhearted and hopeless.  The journey of grief has been life changing not only for herself, but also for her two young boys.  Today, she finds herself inspired by the human spirit and its ability to find resilience in adversity.

Here we stand.  Surviving the unimaginable.  With amazing courage, choosing to wake each day and face our grief, heartache and pain.  Each step, each breath has brought us to this moment. 

We hear the whisper of hope, we long for the chance to laugh again, to find joy in a sunrise, to bring harmony to chaos, to somehow put ourselves back together again, to bring forward all the wisdom of grief, loss and heartache and create new purpose in life. 

Now—take another step, take another breath.  Trust your wisdom, strength and resilience…. and step into your thriving.”  Marni Henderson

Marni works with clients through video conferencing and in person during the Life Reentry® retreats.

Kristen McIntire

Kristen is a grief counselor who specializes in Life Reentry® after loss. She is focused on helping people who have experienced loss find their way back to thriving in their new and possibly different life. Due to personal experience and training, she has found that Life Reentry® is a powerful way to grow and move forward after loss. Kristen is a Masters Level Counselor, licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, with specialities in both Grief and Disability related issues. Kristen is located in the Pittsburgh area but is available for support via Telecounseling to help you wherever you are located.

Kristen’s mission in life is to help others see that there is the possibility for happiness and life after loss. Grief is momentary experience in life that, while completely devastating, is something that can be experienced, understood and can be used for powerful growth for the future. Grief can cause you to feel that you are alone in what you are feeling and that things will never be good again. It is important to reach out for help when you are overwhelmed. Grief does not need to be experienced alone.

Annette Meinzer

Passionate about facilitating transformation in others, guiding them to reenter life and thrive again after facing loss, adversity, or illness, Annette Meinzer became a Certified Life Reentry® Practitioner after completing the inaugural program.

Annette obtained her BSN in Nursing, is a Board Certified Nurse Coach, Certified Stress Management Instructor, Certified in Clinical Meditation and Imagery, Reiki Master, and Certified Radical Remission Instructor for clients with cancer. She has been entrenched in the field of Mental Health, Mind-Body-Spirit Healing, and Holistic/Integrative medicine where the whole person is incorporated into the care and healing process.

Although residing in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, she can connect virtually with anyone throughout the world. Annette, the caring mother of five children, has experienced significant loss in her life including the loss of her husband of 22 years and the loss of her mother. Through these challenges she developed an inner strength and resilience and learned the art of pushing forward and living again despite the obstacles. She learned how to move on from the “moment of impact” to the creation of a new life filled with joy, peace, and love. Her mission in life is to now assist others on this journey and walk with them through any loss, illness, or adversity.

Annette would love the opportunity to connect virtually with you through video-conferencing, providing private and group sessions as well as group support sessions for a continuation of the LifeReentry work. Further information is available on her website at or you may contact her directly for details.

Nickola Samreth

Nickola Samreth is a Life Reentry Practitioner and IIN Health Coach. She has always been in love with helping others achieve their health goals but became passionate about Life Reentry when her husband and father to her three young sons passed away. She felt stuck in a lonely world of anxiety, confusion about what to do with her life and a desire to feel something better.

The Life Reentry process helped her gently reclaim the parts of her she was missing and reclaim her life in a way she hadn’t seen before. It also fueled a need to help others do the same.

“Great loss creates a certain type of potential for endless possibilities. Those who suffer the deepest pain, are those who do the most incredible things in their lives, and in this world. Because we know.”

She resides in San Bernardino California and works with clients over the phone, zoom and in person.

Sarah Taylor

Sarah is a Life Reentry® practitioner.  She has a background in social work with over 35 years’ experience, predominantly working in primary mental health. Sarah has a passion for neuroscience and sought out the Life Reentry® course after the death of her love of 31 years from cancer in 2016.  

Sarah has a Masters in Social Welfare and is a qualified Clinical Supervisor.  Sarah has a certificate in Neuropsychotherapy practice. She is a Registered Social Worker and a member of the Aoteraroa/New Zealand Social Workers Association and the International Association of Clinical Neuropsychotherapy.

“I am passionate about Life Reentry® work. I know first hand the enormity of the impact of loss and the need for support and knowledge to recreate a life after loss.  This programme offers a doorway to growth and an enriched life. We can honour our loved ones, allow the grief and also respect our life and continue to grow stronger through this experience of loss.

I welcome the opportunity to walk alongside you on this journey to share the grief and the transformation towards a life that feels whole in a new way.”   Sarah Taylor   

Sarah uses video conferencing to work with you at home and offers options of one to one work, group work and continuing support groups to enable the Life Reentry® to continue beyond the class. She can accept referrals from anywhere.

Sarah lives on a small holding in  South Canterbury, New Zealand with her two dogs and cat.