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Should I Take the Life Reentry® Practitioner Program?

Should I Take the Life Reentry® Practitioner Program?

The Life Reentry® Practitioner Program is both extensive and rewarding, and it is important to ensure that the training will be a good fit for your practice. It will benefit those who are prepared to devote time and effort and to immerse themselves in a complex, multimodal approach to life after loss.

You should take the certification program if you have a desire to help others and wish to use robust methods that are grounded in neuroscience.

It may take time to absorb a new set of vocabulary and concepts, but once the training is complete, you will be able to understand a philosophy and support model that was developed over years of research and observation and apply new insight to your practice.

The LR Practitioner program is interactive. As you learn, you will be interacting with peers and mentors who are on the same level in the program. The broad range of perspectives will serve to shift and expand your understanding in ways that a textbook cannot.

We can observe and quantify patterns of grief, but we cannot anticipate its impact on a personal level. Thus, the discussions and insights you share with your peers will be one of the greatest resources in the development of your practice.

Once the training is complete, you can choose to be trained by our team in preparation for setting up your practice.

What Type of Person Would Make a Good LR Practitioner?

We are seeking people who want to dedicate their lives to helping others who are in the process of reentering after loss. Whether you are new to this field or have already been working as a grief professional, we encourage you to apply to become a LR Practitioner.

Help us create a world that is supportive and enabling towards a new life after loss.

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