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Life Reentry® Practitioner FAQs

Practitioner FAQs

Do I have to have prior professional counseling experience to become certified as a Life Reentry® practitioner?

No, you do not have to have prior professional experience. We are seeking people who want to dedicate their lives to helping others who are in the process of reentering after loss. Whether you are new to this field or have already been working as a grief professional, we encourage you to apply to become a LR Practitioner.

How long will the Life Reentry® certification course take to complete?

The LR certification is a six month course by application only, where Life Reentry® practitioners deepen their understanding of the mental mechanisms that keep their clients from moving forward in life. You will learn about exercises and techniques to use in helping others free themselves from The Waiting Room –a space between loss and new life.

What type of person would make a good LR practitioner?

We are seeking people who want to dedicate their lives to helping others who are in the process of reentering after loss. You should take the certification program if you have a desire to help others and wish to use robust methods that are grounded in neuroscience. Read more here.

How did you develop the Life Reentry® model?

While there are incredible professionals and groups around the world—no matter where someone lives they have access to a church, a grief center or even a virtual support group— Christina Rasmussen noticed something that is true of most grief support organizations. The participants tend to remain at the same level of support for as long as they are in the groups—sometimes, for years. The focus of these groups is for people to talk about their lives and share their grieving process and stories, but there is nothing offered beyond that.

The participants never “graduate” from grief support and may remain in the group indefinitely, with no system in place to support a future beyond the meetings. Worse—there are few support professionals who provide a dynamic vision for living, beyond the grief support, or that empower what Christina calls, “Life Reentry® After Loss.”

Helping people reenter life after loss requires diligence and a very specific, intentional approach to counseling.

The LR model is the methods and theory behind the approach to Life Reentry® that Christina developed over many years of practice. These are the same techniques introduced in her book Second Firsts and are carefully arranged to help grief support clients move beyond the loop of bereavement and into the next, exciting phase of life.

Should my clients have already completed traditional grief therapy prior to participating in the Life Reentry® program?

No. The Life Reentry® Model is an active grief therapy practice that shifts the process from “The Waiting Room” mindset to that of life reentry. The exercises and techniques utilized in the Life Reentry® Model support individuals in acknowledging, validating, and understanding their grief and removes the misconception that mourning is an indefinite state.

What type of supplemental reading or supports do you suggest for practitioners participating in the Life Reentry® certification program? 

When you take the certification program, you will be provided with many resources to aid in your understanding and learning of The Life Reentry® Model and grief.

How much does the Life Reentry® certification course cost?

The LR certification programs costs $3600 or eight payments of $500.  Once you have filled out an application and have been accepted you will be sent a link for payment options.

Can I still do this on the side if I have a full-time job?

Yes, you can still take the certification if you have a full-time job. All the material is yours to keep and all live videos/calls will be recorded. You will need to carve out time to go over all the materials and do the work.

Will there be a licensing agreement and/or additional fees for using the Life Reentry® model?

Upon graduation/completion of the course, you will receive your certificate of completion and in order to use the Life Reentry® model in your work, you agree to an annual license renewal of $495.

What does it mean to be certified?

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be certified by The Life Reentry® Institute. This means you will be able to use the Life Reentry® Model with your clients, support groups, etc, and you are given the tools and materials to help others free themselves from The Waiting Room – a space between loss and new life.

When will I receive my certificate of completion?

Once you have submitted your practicum you will receive your certification. This can be anywhere from several weeks to several months dependent upon when you submit it.

Once I am certified do I have to use your branding materials?

Yes. A long term license and service agreement allows you to affiliate with the Life Reentry® Institute and use the intellectual properties protected by copyright law.

Once, I am certified do I have to use the Life Reentry® online portal?

No, you can use your own website but you will have to use the intellectual properties protected by copyright law.

Can I set my own fees or do you provide guidelines?

The fees you charge are at your own discretion. We are here to advise if you need guidance.

What kind of support can I expect once I’m certified?

We offer a virtual business package for those who want support for how to market, use social media, create a website, etc. This is a separate fee to the registration and will be offered at the end of the six month program.

What does the eight months consist of? What are the course work expectations?

  • There will be live video calls for approx 90 minutes.
  • One Weekly practice with another practitioner on the training modules.This will take place on your own time. It will be recorded live and shared with the class.
  • A case study that you will build from the beginning to the end.
  • Weekly quizzes.
  • Daily participation in our online space.
  • Reading material.
  • A practicum of 20 hours with a real client which consist of 12 sessions with a client. Review of each session in writing and shared with group.
  • Final life reentry session video recording which will be reviewed as a final exam.

Course Outline

The first six-weeks of the course will be an in-depth experience of the process of Life Reentry®.  


Week 1 – The Seer

Week 2 – The Grief Cleanse

Week 3 – The Survivor

Week 4 – The Watcher

Week 5 – The Thriver

Week 6 – Reentry

The second portion of the course provides the in-depth study and understanding necessary for practitioners to provide Life Reentry to clients:


Week 7 – Introduction to the Life Reentry Model

Week 8 – A Historical Account of Grief

Week 9 – The Rasmussen Life Reentry®

Week 10 – Defining Grief

Week 11 – The Waiting Room

Week 12 – Getting Real with Loss

Week 13 – The 360° Baseline Exercise


Week 14 – Validation

Week 15 – The Infinite Loop of Loss

Week 16 – The Three Personas of Reentry

Week 17 – Plug-Ins


8 Weeks of Practice Sessions

Week 18-26


Week 27-28 – The Shift

Week 29-30 – Discovery

Week 30-31 – Reenter Life


Week 32-Live practice sessions

Week 33-Growing your LIFE REENTRY practice

Week 34-Graduation

Weeks 21-24 – Practice Sessions and Live Feedback