The Life Reentry Model Practitioner Certification Workshop

What is the Life Reentry Practitioner Program?

The Life Reentry (LR) Practitioner Program is a course that guides counselors and practitioners in a program that specializes in helping their clients or patients reenter life after loss. It is a comprehensive program that addresses grief and the mechanisms that perpetuate it and can obstruct the path to recovery. Christina Rasmussen — author of Second Firsts — created the Life Reentry Model in answer to her professional observations over many years working as a grief counselor and after experiencing her own loss.

How the LR Practitioner & Certification Program Works

Over the eight-week course, Life Reentry practitioners deepen their understanding of the mental mechanisms that keep their clients from moving forward in life. They learn about exercises and techniques to use in helping others free themselves from The Waiting Room –a space between loss and new life.

The LR Model, which guides groups and clients through the process of rediscovering joy, redefining identities, and re-entering life, has helped many thousands of individuals create new lives after loss. The scientific data included in our texts illustrate that loss can be a catalyst for growth.

The Life Reentry Practitioner Certification Program is the first certification program that offers a multi-faceted approach to teaching life after loss, using evidence from neuroscience to support the philosophy of a mind/brain/life transformation. This philosophy of interconnectedness is based on the concept of the brain’s neuroplasticity – ability to change.

When you become familiar with the LR program, you will be able to easily identify when your clients are in The Waiting Room, and you will be able to help them pave a new path on their journey to Life Reentry.