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Life Reentry® Practitioner Webinar

Free Informational Webinar for the Life Reentry Practitioner Program with Christina Rasmussen, founder of the Life Reentry® Model

Tuesday, 11/6/2018 @5pm PST

Join us for an hour-long webinar that will cover:

  •      Our mission and vision for training professionals
  •      Who should consider the training?
  •      How the Life Reentry Training can be used in practice
  •      Overview of the Life Reentry Practitioner Training
  •      Course outline and expectations

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Sarah Taylor

Life Reentry Practitioner

New Zealand

“The LR practitioner training has taken my practice to a new level.  I now have the tools and skills to work with clients who have been unable to move forward in their lives in relation to their losses.

I have found that clients are able to easily work with this method and have been impressed at how well clients are able to exit a waiting room space and gain the confidence and ability to achieve their goals and reenter life and gain a new perspective on their loss.”

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Terry Shirley-Quirk

Life Reentry Practitioner

“Taking the Life Reentry Practitioner program has transformed me both personally and as a practitioner. The course ran a path of deep self-exploration, challenging assignments, peer and mentor input, and careful self-critique. What’s more, the technique and philosophy are a revelation. Life Reentry just plain works. I have been able to take even the most difficult of my clients out of their cycle of loss and move them towards a new and optimistic future.

Christina is an extraordinary teacher and practitioner. Her contagious enthusiasm is matched by her exacting standards, sharp intelligence, and overwhelming kindness and empathy. She truly, genuinely cares.

As I continue using Life Reentry with my clients, I find that I am learning more each day. Thank you Christina!”