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Life Reentry® Practitioner Program

Life Reentry®
Practitioner Training

2019 class starts January 29th

Help Others Begin Again

Join Christina for the Life Reentry® Practitioner training.

The Life Reentry® (LR) Practitioner Program is a course that guides counselors and practitioners in a program that specializes in helping their clients or patients reenter life after loss. It is a comprehensive program that addresses grief and the mechanisms that perpetuate it and can obstruct the path to recovery. Christina Rasmussen — author of Second Firsts — created the Life Reentry® Model in answer to her professional observations over many years working as a grief counselor and after experiencing her own loss.

How the LR Practitioner & Certification Program Works

Over the six month course, Life Reentry® practitioners deepen their understanding of the mental mechanisms that keep their clients from moving forward in life. They learn about exercises and techniques to use in helping others free themselves from The Waiting Room –a space between loss and new life.

The LR Model, which guides groups and clients through the process of rediscovering joy, redefining identities, and re-entering life, has helped many thousands of individuals create new lives after loss. The scientific data included in our texts illustrate that loss can be a catalyst for growth.

The Life Reentry® Practitioner Certification Program is the first certification program that offers a multi-faceted approach to teaching life after loss, using evidence from neuroscience to support the philosophy of a mind/brain/life transformation. This philosophy of inter-connectedness is based on the concept of the brain’s neuroplasticity – ability to change.

When you become familiar with the LR program, you will be able to easily identify when your clients are in The Waiting Room, and you will be able to help them pave a new path on their journey to Life Reentry®.

Help Others Begin Again

About Christina

Christina is the best selling author of SECOND FIRSTS (Hay House) and the upcoming book WHERE DID YOU GO (Harper One) Christina uses the basic principles of brain science and quantum physics to change the patterns and habits of grief.

She writes a weekly blog on her website that ignites life after loss for over 50,000 people.  She is the founder of The Life Reentry® Institute and the creator of The Life Reentry® model. A brain based method that helps the bereaved find their way out of grief and back into a new life.

Her model is part of a big brain study that looks to see its effectiveness in the brain. She is educating and training medical centers, hospices, and therapists to provide Life Reentry® support groups and services globally.

There are trained LR practitioners in 4 countries so far. She teaches her Life Reentry®, Life Reentry® Practitioner and Beyond Reentry classes in her community platform

Who is Eligible?

This training is by application only and it is for professionals, grief organizations and those who are interested in entering the field of Life Reentry® after grief.



Sarah Taylor

Life Reentry Practitioner

New Zealand

“The LR practitioner training has taken my practice to a new level.  I now have the tools and skills to work with clients who have been unable to move forward in their lives in relation to their losses.

I have found that clients are able to easily work with this method and have been impressed at how well clients are able to exit a waiting room space and gain the confidence and ability to achieve their goals and reenter life and gain a new perspective on their loss.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 3.17.22 PM

Terry Shirley-Quirk

Life Reentry Practitioner

“Taking the Life Reentry Practitioner program has transformed me both personally and as a practitioner. The course ran a path of deep self-exploration, challenging assignments, peer and mentor input, and careful self-critique. What’s more, the technique and philosophy are a revelation. Life Reentry just plain works. I have been able to take even the most difficult of my clients out of their cycle of loss and move them towards a new and optimistic future.

Christina is an extraordinary teacher and practitioner. Her contagious enthusiasm is matched by her exacting standards, sharp intelligence, and overwhelming kindness and empathy. She truly, genuinely cares.

As I continue using Life Reentry with my clients, I find that I am learning more each day. Thank you Christina!”

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 3.18.03 PM

Daniela Möller-Peck

Life Reentry Practitioner


“It was a great time! Joining the Life Reentry Practitioner program was one of the best decisions in my professional life. I have read Christina’s book in German several years ago and I have already used some of the methods and tools in my work with clients in grief. Participating in this program I now understand the theory and can also explain to my clients what is happening in our brain and how we can use these facts to restart life. I was able to reflect with my colleagues in the course, I got to know different points of view and I and I have extended my repertoire of validating and motivating. All the last years I told my clients that development is only possible if we leave our comfort zone. Well, joining this program I definitely have left my comfort zone. What I have reached? A new and wide attitude towards grief and life after loss.

The structure oft he program is wonderful and allows a learning step-by-step and in times when it was suitable for me. We did a lot of practical exercies so the theory was able to become reality. Christina and Carole are wonderful trainers – they value the progress of each of us but also give hints for improvement and development. We received a lot of honest feedback – the contact with the trainers was direct and customized.

I enjoyed the time very much and I am using what I have learned in my work with clients. I feel that I am on my right way with this direction of my professional work.

I live and work in Germany and my aim is to spread the ideas of the Life Reentry Program all over Germany. I am the first parctitioner from Germany and I hope that I can inspire other professionals with these ideas in the near or far future. Dream big – this is one of my personal results of the program, too. Well, the know how I have learned is the basis for the next steps …..

My recommendation: if you want to step into a new direction in your work with people who grieve and if you want to leave the loops of grief then doing this program is a MUST. Christina and Carole are brilliant. The structure and the material of the program is great You will enjoy – not only for your professional work but also for your own personal development.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 3.17.35 PM

Rachel Roth

Life Reentry Practitioner


“As a resilience coach and grief support specialist, I want to see my clients move beyond merely functioning towards a life of flourishing. Life Reentry offers a powerful and progressive neuroscience-based approach to grief recovery that moves beyond old models of grief counseling. Christina’s personal passion coupled with the academic rigor of the LR training program equipped me with advanced knowledge and transformational tools to support clients.

Life Reentry is both mind-expanding and life-affirming for practitioners and participants alike. It should be the go-to program for anyone who has lost a loved one, gotten a divorce, suffered a job loss or experienced any other unwelcome transition. It offers proven pathways to wholehearted healing and whole-person well-being.”

Help Others Begin Again

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