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Life Reentry® for Organizations

The Life Reentry®
Practitioner Program for Organizations

Our core mission and values are based on the belief that everyone will have access to Life Reentry® services in their community to provide them with the support to live fully again after loss. We envision Life Reentry® being offered for both individuals and groups in workplaces, hospitals, hospices, medical offices, churches, and rehabilitation centers.

The Life Reentry® Model does not replace old models of grief. Instead, it is the next step in the journey to healing and new life after loss. Our services and training support those who have experienced loss from death, divorce, job loss, rehabilitation, or any life altering medical diagnosis or change.

At the Life Reentry® Institute, we believe that all people have a built-in opportunity to return to their lives after loss with more love, joy, and connection than they ever experienced before. We call this process Life Reentry®, and we teach that everyone’s brain is wired with the necessary mechanisms to assist them in completing their journey. We want to modernize grief care by partnering with innovative organizations to make the process of reentering into life after loss accessible to everyone.

Life Reentry® for the Workplace and Corporate Wellness

As an employer, you know the impact that grief can have on employees returning to work after a major loss or change.  Supporting employees through this time of their lives can be challenging and traditional workplace support addresses only the first few days or weeks after loss.  This approach can help the employee transition back to work but often does not equip the individual with steps for reentering their life fully after a devastating event.

For many individuals, the feelings of loss can linger and result in decreased productivity, disconnection and a mindset of simply surviving rather than moving back into full engagement with their life and work.   The integration of Life Reentry® services helps build a workplace culture of caring and can expand your wellness benefits to support employees in navigating challenging times.

Life Reentry® Services within Hospitals and Healthcare Systems

As a provider of healthcare, you know the impact that grief, life threatening diagnosis or any other health related event has on patients and their families.  Supporting patients through this time of their lives can be challenging and traditional support typically addresses only the few weeks after loss or diagnosis.  

Even though many hospital systems provide grief or diagnosis specific support, for many individuals, the challenge of coping can linger and result in health changes and an overall disconnection from life rather than a return to living fully again after a loss or significant health event.

Life Reentry® can be offered for both inpatient and outpatient care services and across a variety of specialties.  

Hospice, Bereavement, and Funeral Homes

Supporting the bereaved after the loss of a loved one is an essential part of the continuum of care for hospices and an integral service for funeral homes.  Life Reentry® groups can be the next level of support for those who are moving out of the phase of active grieving and needing additional resources to return to the fullness of life after loss.

Churches and Community Organizations

In times of loss, crisis and change, many individuals turn to their church or community organizations for support.  The Life Reentry® Model can be facilitated by clergy, lay ministers or chaplains to support parishioners either individually or in a group setting to navigate through challenging times.  

Are you ready for the next steps to become a Life Reentry® Approved Organization?

The Life Reentry® Institute provides training or direct services specific to your needs and creates opportunities for implementation of the Life Reentry® model across a variety of settings.  Contact us here to learn more.