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Life Reentry® Class Not Finished

The Life Reentry® Class

If you feel stuck in a place between the life you left behind and the life you so wish you can have then I hope you will join me and hundreds of others in our next Life Reentry class.

Life Reentry®

Together, we will exit the old life and enter a brand new one, with self-awareness, wisdom and your Thriver. New dreams. New friends. And a new way of looking at your life. You can no longer live your life the way you’ve been. It is time to change and we will do this together.

Say yes to yourself and the future that is waiting for you.

What to Expect

In the Life Reentry program online class, you will receive six weekly live video calls with Christina along with action oriented homework. You’ll also gain access to a private, members-only, Life Reentry Facebook group where you can connect with a community of people who are sharing a similar journey to support you.
This program includes: 
  • Weekly live call recordings in case you can’t join the live call.
  • Live video calls with Christina where she’ll teach you the tools to thrive.
  • A private Facebook community where you can ask questions, share, support and encourage each other.
  • Homework with specific action steps that will help you step out of the “waiting room” of loss and into the new life that you want.
  • Daily interaction within the private, members-only, Facebook group to make sure you are moving towards your goals.
Christina’s goal? To make every video feel like a reentry experience with steps and life changing insights. She will do everything in her power to remind you that your life is not over yet. No matter what has happened to you, you still have the power to reinvent, rebuild, feel again, love again, live again. After the six weeks of classes are over, you’ll start a life long journey where we help you make the new dreams come true. You will never be alone again. By the end of Life Reentry, your life will look different, you will have tools and resources to rebuild and reenter.

Course Outline

Week 1 — The Seer Exercise

Week 2 — The Grief Cleanse

Week 3 — The Survivor

Week 4 — The Watcher

Week 5 — The Thriver

Week 6 — Reentry

Each live call is recorded and available
to watch if you are unable to attend the
call when it happens.

About Christina

Christina is the best selling author of SECOND FIRSTS (Hay House) and the upcoming book WHERE DID YOU GO? (Harper One) Christina uses the basic principles of brain science and quantum physics to change the patterns and habits of grief.

She writes a weekly blog on her website that ignites life after loss for over 50,000 people. She is the founder of The Life Reentry® Institute and the creator of The Life Reentry® model. A brain based method that helps the bereaved find their way out of grief and back into a new life.

Her model is part of a big brain study that looks to see its effectiveness in the brain. She is educating and training medical centers, hospices, and therapists to provide Life Reentry® support groups and services globally.

There are trained LR practitioners in 4 countries so far. She teaches her Life Reentry®, Life Reentry® Practitioner and Beyond Reentry classes in her community platform

Let’s Begin Again


“I was in a desperate dark place for over a year. My husband died January 7, 2017 and I thought that after the first anniversary’s I would feel somewhat myself again, ready to get back to my passion of teaching. I didn’t. As a matter of fact, it was the complete opposite. I stayed in bed only to get up and take care of my animals. Didn’t shower, dress, eat properly, nothing. I cried, then cried some more. Some days I would drink too much just to dull the desperate excruciating pain of loss. I didn’t want to go on, but I knew I couldn’t live like this either. I had been to all the support groups through hospice which were good. I also did a program through a church called grief share. All these helped to share my story of grief, but something was missing! I ran across Message in a Bottle, which Christina wrote. I loved her style of writing, so I subscribed to the Friday email. Then came the Life Reentry® course. I prayed about it feeling like this was the missing piece. It was after just three weeks I felt the shift! I am back in ministry, my passion of teaching with a new hope walking forward. I still grieve the loss of my beloved, but now I’m honoring him by moving forward into my new life. I cherish the memories we shared together, but I’m moving forward. This course gave me my life back. It’s a different life, but I know I can experience joy again. I have the tools through Christina’s course to work daily on renewing my mind.”

– Katrin Annelise Gunka Jurdan

“This class has given me the life tools I need to forge onward…don’t wait 7.5 years to do this like me…do it asap…it will change your outlook, perspective, and your life…Christina is a God-send for those experiencing loss…”

– Tammy Kessel

“This course and Christina’s book are the path forward from a deeply broken heart. I thought I was doing fine before the Life ReEntry Program® and on a basic level, I was. However, this program gave me the tools and skills to ‘go deep’ to look under the surface of my loss and piece-by-piece mend the many fragments of my heart and soul. Christina’s work, her facilitators, her process and my entire ReEntry classmates were a gift, a tremendous gift, of a new thriving life. Yes, there will be bumps, bruises and sorrows still to come, but now I have the tools to manage these hurts. My total gratitude goes to Christina, her team, and my wonderful heartfelt classmates.”

– Ute Ann LJ

“This class has been a life training in awareness practice. Recovery from a deep loss is not a linear experience. Because I have seen a progression of healing from my losses, I did not realize that I was still in the waiting room. I was not aware of the emotional repetitive loops that were keeping me from embracing my life more fully and thought that this was my new normal. By gaining awareness of my limiting patterns along with non-intimidating tools such as 5% plugins I feel quite surprised and much more hopeful about my future where there is much potential.”

– Jai Jayme Alpert

“I lost my wife and father-in-law two weeks apart, just over a year ago. This event in my life nearly destroyed me, every little piece of ME, and then a friend kept hounding me to read Second Firsts. I finally gave in and listened to it on CD as I was driving to my parent’s house in Pittsburgh. Driving home I felt my life change. I felt giddy for the first time since my wife died, and I couldn’t wait to get home and sign up for the class. I took Christina’s Life Reentry® class and my whole outlook shifted. With each class you could feel the grief lift and life returning, so I decided to become a Life Reentry® Practitioner. I want to help people the way Christina’s program helped me.”

– Jennifer Moore

“The Life Reentry® Class gave “names” to all the emotions I feel in my grief and helps me sort them out and understand them. The class gave me the ability to look at what I was feeling, acknowledge and decide what to do with those feelings. Also, the validation from others in the class is so appreciated and needed as you try to navigate all the emotions of your grief.”

– Carol Roth

“The biggest takeaway from life re-entry was to find out that I was not alone. I thought my grief was unique. In the first lesson Christina mentioned that grief was competitive and that caught my undivided attention. My grief was no worse than anyone else’s. I actually found out some people were experiencing my exact situation. And others were experiencing situations I couldn’t even imagine. That sentence alone changed my perspective so much.”

– Amy Eschbacher

“If all this class gave me was the hope that there was a way out of being stuck in grief, it would have been enough. But over the six weeks, I watched myself and my classmates learn and see the possibility of being whole again, in spite of the holes in their hearts. Forever grateful for Christina and her team, for their work, spirit, and endless support.”

– Jessica Kupferman

“This class provided me (and my brain) strategies,understanding and self awareness not only about how to navigate grief but how to live and love again in a purposeful and joyful life.”

– Colleen Mulder

Let’s Begin Again