Life Reentry® Class

We are excited to begin this journey with you. We will have one incredible experience for the next six weeks. Your life after loss will no longer be the same. By joining The Life Reentry community, you will have an immediate will never be alone again. This community will be with you 24/7. You will have tools and resources that you never had before.

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A live video Reentry experience with Christina Rasmussen.

Nobody can understand or know what
you are going through.

There are no words or real roadmap that can ever do justice when the unthinkable has taken place. How do you even come back after something so devastating?

When my husband died, I truly believed that a part of me had gone insane. To be honest with you, a part of me really did.

This is how I know that a part of you feels like everything is upside down right now.

You might even be in The Waiting Room of life, the place in between the life you left behind and the life you have yet to live.

You want to go back to your old life but that is no longer an option. I bet nobody said anything to you about the duality of loss. You are no longer you but everything is as you left it.

You want to love again, live again, dream again but you are not sure that it is going to be possible for you.

I get it.

But here is what I want to share with you today.

There is a part of you that’s been with you all along, a very wise part. This is the part that I want to help bring back. So we can slowly reenter back to life.

It was my own devastating loss of my 35-year old husband that sent me on this journey almost 10 years ago.

You see I spent four of those years in The Waiting Room as I didn’t have the right resources. I even had a Masters in Counseling and had specialized in grief prior to my loss.

These qualifications were nowhere near enough to help me rebuild my life.

Somehow out of soul-wrenching loss, a small quiet movement was birthed. Bringing together others who have shared many kinds of tragic losses.

I have had the honor to work with thousands, write a bestselling book called Second Firsts and build a community around the work that I have called Life Reentry.

I invite you to join me once a week, for six weeks.  Next class starts May 2nd.

It’s happening online in our new Life Reentry Community.

I call this experience…

Life Reentry®

If you feel stuck in a place between the life you left behind and the life you so wish you can have then I hope you will join me and hundreds of others in our next Life Reentry class.

We will meet weekly for six weeks and then we will continue meeting inside the Life Reentry community for people who have gone through loss. We will exit the old life and enter a brand new one, with self-awareness, wisdom and your Thriver. New dreams. New friends and a new way of looking at life. You can no longer live your life the way you used to. It has to change and we will do this together.

I so hope you say yes to yourself and to the future that is waiting for you.

What to expect:

The Life Reentry program lasts 6 weeks, with live video classes each week, along with action step homework — plus access to the private, members-only, Life Reentry community where you can connect with other people who are sharing a similar journey.

  • You will tune in to watch a weekly video.
  • You will ask questions, share, support and encourage each other in the community.
  • I will do everything in my power to remind you that your life is not over yet. No matter what has happened to you, you still have the power to reinvent, rebuild, feel again, love again, live again.
  • I will wrap up each video with homework – a specific action step that will help you step out of the “waiting room” of loss and into the new life that you want. After each video, you’ll receive an email with this action step written out for you, so you can feel free to sit back and listen during each video.
  • We will interact together daily within the private, members-only, Life Reentry community and make sure you are moving towards your goals.
  • By the end of Life Reentry, your life will look different, you will have tools and resources to rebuild and reenter.
  • After the 6 weeks of videos are over, we start a life long journey where we help you make the new dreams come true. You will never be alone again.

My goal? To make every video feel like a Reentry experience with steps and life changing insights.

Class includes lifetime membership in the Life Reentry community.


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Here’s the Reentry Calendar:

Calls start at 5:00 p.m. PST.* 

Week 1 — The Seer exercise (Wed, May 2nd at 5:00PST)

Week 2 — The Grief Cleanse (May 9th, 5:00PST)

Week 3 — The Survivor (May 16th, 5:00PST)

Week 4 — The Watcher (May 23rd, 5PST)

Week 5 — The Thriver (May 30th, 5PST)

Week 6 — Reentry (June 6th, 5:00PST) 



Sign up to be notified when the doors will open for the next class.

Participants talk about their Life Reentry experience

This is the only thing that gave me HOPE after losing my husband. I read twenty or so other books and saw three different grief counselors, but none had the neuro-research to provide action steps for moving through and past grief. The online group was so important for feedback, support, love and validation. Christina Rasmussen gives you her heart and soul to help you understand there truly is a happy life available after loss. I learned I have the power and responsibility to begin again.”
Beckett Berning
“This experience has been the most rewarding thing I’ve engaged in for many, many years. I was skeptical at first but I knew I needed something, someone, a hope, a dream, a MAYBE it will be okay. I received so much more and I am blessed and honored to to be a part of “Coffee with Christina.” I look forward to additional classes, discussions, etc. Thank you all very, very much. Peace and love to all.”
Julie Kell
“Christina, I don’t even know where to begin to explain how much you have helped me. It’s not that you took my grief away and waved a magic wand and made it all go away. It doesn’t work like that. Rather, you gave me some tools to find my own inner strength. Yes, the grief is still there and it might always be, but I now have the strength to move forward and live my own life in a way that makes me happy. You have showed me that my life going forward will most likely be very different from my old life, but it can still be a great life. I can not only survive my husband’s suicide, but I can thrive and live a life beyond my own expectations. Thank you immensely. I hope one day to run into you in our large but small city. When I do, I want to give you a hug and thank you in person.”
Angelique Mullen
“Coffee With Christina has helped me so much and changed my life! I don’t understand it, because I don’t understand the process well enough, but I went from not even being able to walk outside of this house…(that is not my home)… because Agoraphobia had crippled me. I couldn’t even walk the dog! Now I go in and out 12 times a day, to my own little camper, that I traded UP to, since I’ve been working with Second Firsts, and I’m painting again! Not only that, but I have an Etsy store, and a bank account, and am actually making a little money with MY ART. I would not have been able to do this without Christina Rasmussen and without Coffee with Christina. I love her, her book, and every way she believes!”
Erin McRaven
“I recommend this class to anyone who has experienced any type of loss. Christina Rasmussen gave us tools to help us move forward and live our best life and not just survive. All the support that each and everyone of us received from each other and from Christina was amazing and made this journey that much better.” —Helen Lipson-Fox
“I have participated in everything Christina has offered. I received the gift of Christina’s class “Coffee with Christina” and my life is forever changed from the depths of grief and loss, to one of purpose.Through the hour long classes Christina spoke live to us and I was always on the edge of my seat listening intensely to every word she spoke. The homework was “Lifework” and worth every bit of the blood, sweat, and tears. O.K. no blood! But you get it what I am saying, right! She is a woman of love and wisdom well beyond her years, a teacher of love and life and I will forever remember the woman that taught me I can if I do the work be happy and abundant in my life once again. I will always have the tools and the support of this beautiful community of people brought together to live, love, and laugh again, held together by Christina Rasmussen who kept her promise to herself, to come back for us! I love you Christina! Thank you for making me pay attention!”
Beverly Del Santro
“​Before this class, I was lost and floundering. I would do okay for a time, and then everything would come crashing down on me again. I would try to picture my life for the rest of my life and the depression would almost land me in bed. I found Second Firsts and started following it. I loved everything Christina said and signed up for Message in a Bottle. Again, Christina spoke to my soul and my heart…and it was clear she KNEW what I was feeling and thinking. When this class was advertised, I snatched it up like a drowning woman snatches a life preserver…because I was drowning. Drowning in sorrow, drowning in misery, drowning in self-pity. As soon as I grabbed hold, I felt hope. I cried the whole first class because Christina “gets it”. Every nuance of emotion, the abandonment of “friends”, the unreliability of family, the instability of our emotions. I also found a whole community of new friends who have walked this path with me whether they lost spouses as I did, or children, or parents, or had horrible exes who made their lives miserable. WE are now family and support one another…and kick one another in the a** when we need it. I love you Christina and the community you created when you brought us all together. I highly recommend this class and am happy to act as “mentor” to anyone who is considering the class but unsure of taking that step. I look forward to the class again in the Fall.”
Caryn Coyle
“This class has, quite simply, changed my life. I have gone from lamenting my losses to taking charge of myself, maybe for the first time ever. Generally, using “jargon” doesn’t resonate for me. Christina’s naming of different parts of our selves is so perfect – as is the way she explains them. Every morning, now, I look in the mirror and find my Thriver – that part of me that is champing at the bit for the life that I deserve! And now, I’m actually finding it. Thank you, Christina! You’re a national treasure!”
Audrey Roth
“Christina Rasmussen has been an inspiration to me since I met her at a widow event a year ago. Her book, messages, social media, and speaking engagements are a continuously positive guidepost for me. Her “Coffee with Christina” sessions allowed me to invite her into my living room, along with other positive folks on similar journeys from across the country. She is a blessing.”
Lydia A. Hobson
“Beyond words! I never thought that I would want to live again after losing my husband. This class has not only given me hope to continue living, but it has actually given me all the tools to welcome living back into my life!! Even though my life has changed, it is still good!!”
Bertha A. Chavez


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