About Us

About Us


The mission of The Life Reentry® Institute is to change the way we live life after loss, remove stigma from suffering, and transform the way the world views the grief process—from a place of fear and weakness, to an evolutionary journey.

Our program dispels the myth that grieving must be an eternal state and provides a system to teach those coping with loss how to redefine themselves and rediscover their joy.

We believe that all people have a built-in opportunity to return to their lives after loss with more love, joy, and connection than they ever experienced before. We call this process Life Reentry, and we teach that everyone’s brain is wired with the necessary mechanisms to assist them in completing their journey. We want to modernize grief therapy by making these cognitive methods accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to make The Life Reentry practitioner training available across social work and psychological academic curriculums by 2025.

We intend to make Life Reentry support groups available to universities, counseling centers, hospice bereavement centers, hospitals and in churches everywhere.

We envision a future in which the cultivation of human resilience will be a fundamental component of our national educational curriculum, and we hope our methods will be used in elementary, middle and high schools.

If you would like to be a part of our mission, are interested in learning more about how to start a Life Reentry support group in your organization or are interested in becoming certified as a Life Reentry practitioner, please contact us here.